According to Dr Keith Souter ‘our senior years should be a time to look forward to, a time to ease back and enjoy life. Unfortunately it can also be a time when health problems, bereavements and all sorts of other issues crowd in to affect one’s sense of well-being’.

While many seniors are robust and vibrant, just as many find their energy reduced and they often have more trouble recovering from an injury, illness, sleep difficulties, loneliness and despair. Homoeopathy can be a great support with many of the issues faced by seniors.

Aconite:  First remedy to think of in the early stages of colds and chills, stomach upsets, diarrhoea or any acute inflammatory process. Good for shock and reactions to excitement, fear or fright.

Alumina: Dryness of the mucous membranes and dry cracked skin. Memory problems worse in the morning. Very hurried. Averse to and aggravated by potatoes.

Arnica:  First remedy to think of in any accident; shock, fright, mental strain, physical trauma, bruising, concussion, black eyes, haemorrhage.

Arsenicum Anxiety and anguish. Hopelessness that may be out of proportion to the condition. Stomach upsets, weak exhausted & fearful – feel they are going to die. Restless, chilly and anxious with burning pains. Second stage of colds with profuse nasal discharge. Can be fastidious & fussy when ill. Helps the healing of leg ulcers, bed sores and other degenerative symptoms.

Baryta carb:  Confusion and childishness with memory loss and difficulty in thinking.

Bryonia:  Dryness. Painful dry cough. Headache and/or joint pains that are much worse from movement.

Gelsemium:  Anticipatory anxiety, withdrawn, trembling & fearful, may have diarrhoea. Ailments from bad news. Slow onset, aches & pains, flu, heavy, listless and drowsy.

Hypericum:  Nerve damage of any kind such as cuts or crushed fingers or toes.

Ignatia:  For the ill effects of shock, grief or fear. Unexpected or contradictory symptoms. Changeable moods. Sighing.

Rhus tox:  Over-exertion, strain, stiffness of bone, muscle or connective tissue, joints or tendons. Rheumatism with stiffness worse first movement then improves. Shingles, cold sores, rashes. Skin intensely itchy. Restless mind & body.

Silica:  Loss of confidence and dread of failure. Poor resistance to infection, frequent colds, skin dry & fragile. Nails brittle and may be misshapen. Appetite poor with possible signs of  malnutrition.

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